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Volunteering at Guildford Museum 21/02/2014

As I’ve had a few things going on over the last two weeks I haven’t been volunteering at Guildford museum however, I was back yesterday. It’s quite cool as currently we are preparing an exhibition based on the volunteers who are currently working at the museum. This meant that we were allowed to choose two items from the collection which we had either come across whilst volunteering or had a particular interest to us. I think the other volunteers may have chosen items they have actually handled or had come across whilst entering accessions into the online database. However, as I have a particular interest in prehistory and bone I chose a couple of flint tools discovered in Guildford and a couple of  animal teeth. The flints are even better as they have a nice little story behind them and even made the BBC news! (Visit my old page for more info). I was allowed to have a couple of items as they are so small but that related to each other.

Not only did we choose the items but we wrote a little display card for them as well. This was good practice for any future label writing, should I be luck enough to work in a museum one day. To be honest it’s not that easy writing the labels, because you know a bit of information about the items you want to it to be shared with the public. However, the writing has to be short and to the point so people will actually read it! This meant writing a short paragraph – about 100 words – for each items. I could have easily written more to go into more depth about the objects but I had to keep it short and sweet. Hopefully the exhibition will be up soon and I can go see it all in place!



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