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A Trip To Stratford to see Wendy and Peter Pan

Wendy&PeterPanYesterday my boyfriend and I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to meet my mum and sister to see a play. We went to see Wendy and Peter Pan at the Royal Shakespeare Theater, performed by RSC. I thought it was really good. Fiona Button plays a wonder Wendy who is desperately trying to fix her family after the death of her younger brother Tom. Once taken to Neverland she is still treated as a peacemaker and damsel in distress (as in the the games played with her other brothers) and decides to go in search for Tom, the ‘lost boy’, herself. It’s a really nice adaptation of novel by JM Barrie giving Wend a stronger role. Yes the play does have it’s fair share of politics and feminism but I think in a very good way. Parallel to Wendy’s journey is her mother’s who after her son’s death wants to have something more for herself and goes in search of a job. This is the same time as the suffragette movement and therefore provides Mrs Darling (Rebecca Johnson) a thinking point.

Wendy and Peter Pan Set

Wendy and Peter Pan Set

Now it sounds like a play for adults but there were plenty of children in the audience who were giggling along which definitely added to the experience! Aside from the politics the play is beautiful – the set is amazing and the acting is wonderful. I particularly liked Peter Pan’s shadows – a group who make Peter fly and helped with the wires, who brought something different to the play. I cannot also go without saying that the crocodile was awesome! I can’t understand how a grown man can get himself so flat to the ground. Unfortunately they play has now finished but you can get an idea of it from the trailer and also the various reviews, including the telegraph, independent and guardian.

Shakespeare's birthplace

Shakespeare’s birthplace

Before the performance we had a bit of a wonder around Stratford. What can I say its a beautiful place. There are the obvious things to see such as Shakespeare’s birthplace as well as the house of Thomas Nash (who married Shakespeare’s granddaughter). The day we went the weather wasn’t great but the houses still looked beautiful. We’ll go back again in a couple of months hopefully and we’ll explore a bit further! Oh and I can’t go without telling you about the sourviers. Of course there were the usual books, magnets and stationary but there was also Shakespear bath ducks! I took a picture as I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy one – maybe next time!Stratford 3

Thomas Nash's house

Thomas Nash’s house


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