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A New Women to Admire – Mayim Bialik

I was scrolling through tumblr and came across this youtube clip of Mayim Bialik (of the Big Bang Theory) talking about herself and being both an actress and neuroscientist. I think she is so inspiring and I felt really uplifted when watching her talk. She was an actress at a young age and could have continued with just an acting career but was introduced to science which she was being taught be a tutor whilst filming. As the TV series came to an end she decided to go to UCLA and fell in love with neurobiology and went on from there.

What I really like about her is desire and passion. She wanted to be an actress so she achieved that, and then discovered science and again wanted to pursue that – so she did. She now combines the two with her role as Amy Farrah Fowler in the TV show The Big Bang Theory – which I love. Please watch the video below and share it. I think that she’s inspiring to anyone – follow your heart and passion and then share it with the world.



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