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My Last Day at Guildford Museum 27th Feb

I’ve had some good news – I have the opporunity to volunteer at the Royal College of Surgeons helping to sort through boxes of bones! I’m so excited to start – the thought of working with bones again makes me very happy plus it will be working in London in a very cool and interesting museum. I might need to brush up on a few things but so happy right now!

The only down side is that I have to leave Guildford Museum. Unfortunately as I need to work to earn money I can only give up one da a week for voluntering. It’s really annoying because if I could I would try and get involved in more volunteering but I guess I need money to live! Anyway, my last day at guildford was really goood. I walked in and there is some work going on to one of the galleries. From that they found a few pests so it was decided that some of the objects would be frozen as a precaution to kill of any infestation. Before this can be done a description and note of these objects had to be taken so I was asked to complete this for a selection of baby bonnets. They are usually displayed in a wicker basket but there were signs of woodworm damage, hence the freezing. Part of my task was to record the description and any damage/discolouration to each bonnet. Whilst doing this I found two insect husks on two of the bonnents. After showing them to the collections officer she informed me that they might be the husks of carpet beetle larva – not nice things to have on fabric objects. It was a really useful task for me – not only did it give me the chance to describe the objects  but also to find out more about some of the typical pest problems a museum has.

The rest of the day was spent inputing information from entry cards onto a database. I’ve had some really good expereinces at Guildford Mueum and I’ve learnt a lot. I’m hoping to go back in the future for some training days about caring for museum objects, but I think that won’t be for a while. In the mean time I’m off to refresh my memory of  identifiying and siding bones again!


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