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Tools for Siding Bones

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me – I start my new volunteering position at the Royal College of Surgeons, I’m getting a new hair cut and we’re having a second viewing for a house (which I’m trying not to freak out about!). I am very much looking forward to my new volunteering role as I will be handling human bones once again and therefore doing something I love in a very cool place.

As it’s been a few years since I last had to identify and handle bones I thought that I would start brushing up on siding the various bones of the skeleton. I wanted to do this so I wouldn’t feel like a complete idiot/novice when I was presented with my first box of bones, and after all I wanted to impress the curator. Therefore, last night I sat down with a notepad and pen and started going through the bones of the body starting with the ulna as I always had issues siding this bone correctly.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my trusty osteology book from university with me, as it was at my mum’s house, so I had to rely on internet sources. This is where I came across a few particularly good resources – two blogs and an anatomy website. The blog ‘These Bones of Mine‘ is by an osteology graduate from  Sheffield who writes about his interests and experiences in the area and has a series of posts called ‘The Human Skeleton Series.’ These posts examines each skeletal element individually. The website ‘Teach Me Anatomy‘ covers all you need to know about the anatomy of the human body. These two resources were particularly good for refreshing my brain on where the bones lay in the skeleton and what are some of their more prominent features. The second blog ‘Bone Broke‘ had some really helpful tips for siding some of the bones. I would definitely recommend this blog to those both starting their osteology course and those who, like me, needed some help remembering these tricks. Just type the word ‘siding’ into their search box and there you have it!

By combining these awesome resources I was able to clarify and refresh my memory on some of the bones I always had difficulty siding. These included seeing which side a patella dropped to indicate which leg it came from and establishing the features of the clavicle in order to correctly place it – I always found the clavicle a tricky bugger to side! I even got a better grasp of the feet bones, again I always had difficulty with these.

Tonight my plan is to re-write all of my notes so they are in my head for tomorrow. I will probably write a few cheat sheets out as well – anything to help me impress and do well on my first day!


3 thoughts on “Tools for Siding Bones

  1. Hey Samantha,
    Thank you for the blog mention and I am very happy that you found the series useful! (It will be updated eventually!). Awesome news about working for the Royal College of Surgeons, such a great place! Hope you are well.


  2. Hi David,
    That’s OK, I always believe in giving credit where credit’s due and your series was very helpful – I definitely needed to brush up on my bone knowledge before tomorrow! I am extremely excited about staring tomorrow. I’ll be happy to be getting my hands dirty again with bones and will taking as much away with me as possible (knowledge that is not bones!).
    Hope everything is good with you



    • Hey Sammy,
      That is awesome, I hope you are having a fantastic day today. I cannot wait to get my hands on some bones again so I think I shall try volunteering next week again. Thanks, you too!


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