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24th March – World TB Day

World TB dayLike any other day into work I was reading the Metro (a free paper) on the train. Every day there is a double page spread on a certain topic. It isn’t usually a news story but presents facts and figures on the subject and today’s focused on World Tuberculosis (TB) Day.

This caught my attention as I have looked at TB as a pathology in my osteology classes back at university. TB is caused by a bacteria which can be passed from individual to individual via inhaling infected droplets through coughing or sneezing. It can be difficult to identify the infection in the bones as it is easily confused with other lung complaints due to the formation of new bone and also curvature of the spine.

The infection is associated with urbanized and densely populated areas – making the transmission of the disease much easier. In the UK TB is not necessarily thought of as a disease which has become extinct but in 2012 in England and Wales alone there were 261 deaths (number taken from the Metro article) and a total of around 9 million people still getting ill with TB.

This is why I wanted to promote World TB Day. Only through promotion and knowledge will this infection be recognised and therefore treated more effectively. Please spread the word that today is World TB Day – it might help treat and even save someone’s life.

Link to the Metro can be found here. Also follow this link to the World Health Organisation in it’s attempts to reach the missing 3 million people with TB who are missed by health systems.



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