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A Review of Secrets of Bones by the Guardian

I saw this article though a facebook link and thought I would have a quick read of it. This article, by Sam Wollaston, is positive about the series – which is great, but I feel they could have gone further. For starters the article only focuses on the final episode (which I haven’t seen yet) and not the entire series. This is a shame because there were some pretty awesome things mentioned in the other episodes and I definitely learnt quite a few new things.

I think that the final episode was focused on because of its content – sex. Yes I know sex sells but like I said there was so much more to this programme than just a bit of sex. What about how you can see that humans are still evolving by looking at their lower jaw? Or by comparing just  s few elements of a skeleton can indicate an animals feeding behaviour? I think the language used in the article is very jokey and relaxed which is fine up to a point. Wollaston calls a male gorilla ‘Mr. Cresty Head’ at one point, referring to a gorilla’s sagittal crest, which makes me a little uncomfortable – maybe it’s my issue but it sounds like he’s taking the p***.

He also talks about the presenter’s, Ben Garrod, looks. It’s not too over the top or anything and I suppose most women presenter’s looks are mentioned at some point but really? I’m not saying Ben is a bad-looking guy or that he’s the hottest man on TV but does it really have to be mentioned? Surely a review about a TV show should be about the content and the way it’s presented to the audience. I guess I have an issue with everything coming back down to looks and appearance over everything.

Maybe I have taken offense to the article because of the first line of the second paragraph ‘Does television really have the need for a full-time bone man though? Maybe not…’. Perhaps I’m taking this the wrong way but that sentence says to me – what’s the point in this show, is it necessary? We have time for full-time idiots and attention seekers on our TV at the moment, you just have to turn the TV on to see the copious amounts of structured reality TV shows. I think that everyone could benefit from having more programmes like the ‘Secrets of Bones’. But hey-ho that might be my own personal opinion again and I’m only getting passionate because it’s a subject I love and someone is poking fun at it.

Overall the review is positive but in all honestly it wouldn’t make me go off and watch the programme – which is a real shame because it is awesome. You’ll see what I mean in the reviews and summaries I’ve written about each programme (see my ‘what I’ve been up to‘ page). It’s well written, presented with ease and understanding and over all insightful. I really hope there are more programmes like this in the future because I througholgy enjoyed it and am sad to see it ending.

For a link to the full article click here.


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