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The Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio)

Image taken from http://grbio.org/

Image taken from http://grbio.org/

About 2 weeks ago I published a post promoting a map produced by NatSCA showing the location of natural history collections in the UK. Building from that there is The Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio). This website contains information about biological collections in natural history museums, herbaria, and other biorepositories from around the world and allows for institutions to input information about their collections.

The aim of this registry is to improve access to information about collections and does this by using four categories of data records. These consist of biorepositiory, institutional collections, personal collection and staff member records. You can search these by collection type (e.g. mammals), location and institution and they are updated daily. The contact details and websites addresses are given for the collections providing direct access for the interested individual.

I really like this attitude for sharing data, or at least sharing information on where data/collections can be obtained. I feel that this is our duty as scientists and researchers to share the information and data that is obtained through research. By working collaboratively advances in any given field can be made much more quickly and to a wider audience. This is my own personal view on information – that it should be shared so as many individuals as possible can feel it’s benefits.


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