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Trip to the Harry Potter Studios

IMG_2345So today I went to the Warner Bros. studio tour of Making Harry Potter. I’m not going to lie I was very excited and went a little snap happy. I’ve put a couple on this post but if you want to see a few more visit my tumblr post.

It was an awesome day and i was definitely blown away on a few occasions (I won’t give too much away in case any one out there is planning on going!). Bascially it was a great experience and if you love either the films or books it will be a treat. It’s amazing to think that everything you see was in one of the films. The amount of detail is incrediable – there are newspapers, posters, letters and hand written labels for everything.

Also the feature of the day was ‘feathers and flight’ so we got to see the birds which played Hedwig, Errol and Sirius’s owl! As I said the day was awesome! I WILL be going back one day as I know there will have been things which I missed this time round.




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