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I’m Back!

I know I’ve been pretty rubbish over the last month or so with writing, reading interesting articles and generally being around. This is because I’ve been tired and have had quite a bit on, so after a week holiday in beautiful Menorca (you can see some of my pictures on my tumblr or pinterest account) I’m back. I’m going to get back on it and attempt to post more things then I have been recently.

Tomorrow I intend to start properly again, with an interesting article about bats for last month’s ‘Skull of the Month’. I know we’re in a new month but as I’ve been so poor at keeping my blog up to date I wanted to give the bat another chance, plus I had found some interesting articles which I haven’t gotten round to reading yet.

To start with however, I just want to mention a programme I just watched on BBC iplayer: ‘Natural World: 2014-2015’. I haven’t watched any of them before but this one caught my eye because a) it was narrated by the comedian and nature fanatic Bill Bailey and b) the episode was called ‘Nature’s Misfits’. It was a really nice show which just looked at a few different and unique animals. If you watch a lot of nature programmes you will know about a few of these animals, such as the kakapo and the aye-aye, but there were some others as well. It was a really good example of how animals evolved different characteristics to overcome various issues or that nature can produce some very intriguing creatures. It’s a very easy watch and well narrated – definitely worth a watch if you love nature or wildlife documentaries. To view more information about the Natural World series click here.


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