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Penguins in Peril

I came across this short animation through my facebook account from Upworthy. Upworthy posts videos of talks, animations or short films discussing subjects that matter. The majority of the ones I’ve watched have been based on gender, racism and/or disability matters. However, when I saw this video I had to watch it. It’s originally from Ted-Ed so I knew it was going to be pretty good and interesting. I also love penguins so I thought I should have a quick look.

I really recommend watching this video – it’s no very long but quickly gets the point across that there are many penguin species (more than I realised!) and that many of these are endangered. The reasons behind their decline isn’t hard to guess – human activity and pollution is having a detrimental effect on these guys. However, the video doesn’t ram this accusation down the viewers throat, it puts it simply that it’s not just an issue that we’re losing our penguin species but the other implications around this – that they are dying because the sea and environment is deteriorating.  


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