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Trip To Fort Nelson

Overlooking the parade ground at Fort Nelson

Overlooking the parade ground at Fort Nelson

It was a bank holiday in the UK and so it this means a day seeing the family. We wanted to go somewhere new and I managed to find this place, which is just outside Portsmouth. Fort Nelson was built in the 19th Century and named after the monument which stands next to the fort celebrating Lord Nelson (you may have heard of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, London).  It’s a pretty big fort and to be honest we weren’t sure what to expect when we looked at the website but there’s a lot more to it than I thought.Fort Nelson 1

The fort is complete and one of many which sits above Portsmouth along a high ridge. It is very large with a big parade ground as well as a museum and tunnels which run underneath the fort. Just walking around the fort was impressive – the amount of work that went into it was amazing. Not only were the walls high and strong but there was also a large dry moat which surrounded the fort. In addition to this there were slots in the walls for defenders to look out from and shoot any invaders. The picture just above gives you some idea of how well defended the fort would have been and that very few invaders would have stood a chance!

Before the Gun was Fired...

Before the Gun was Fired…

Although the day was a bit wet we still enjoyed it. As well as wondering around the museum and fort’s interior there was also some re-enactment going on. I haven’t really seen any re-enactments, apart from a few when I was a kid, but this was pretty cool. It was set during the American Civil War (a period of history I have very little knowledge of) and have sides firing guns and canons. I can tell you it was very loud and smokey! You can see this from my pictures of a before and after shot of the firing of one of the canons.

...and after the gun was fired!

…and after the gun was fired!

It was a really good day, and rather interesting for a place where we didn’t particularly have high expectations. It might even encourage me to read up on the American Civil War.


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