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Some Figures from the Discworld

Figurine of Angua as a wolf.

Figurine of Angua as a wolf.

As I’m visiting my Mum this weekend I don’t have the ‘Wit and Wisdom of Discworld’ on me. However, I do have all of my Mum’s books and figurines of the Discworld figures so I thought I would share some of my favourites instead.

Every since I can remember my Mum has been collecting the figures relating to Terry Pratchett’s work. She has built up quite a collection, particularly of those made by ClareCraft. These, along with the books, have their own display cabinet which is crammed full! Whenever I see these figures I can’t help but smile. That are so full of character and combined with the art of Paul Kidby provide accurate representations from the books.

The feature image of this post is Angua as a wolf. I think this is probably one of my favourite figures but I’m not sure why! I just love the character so much – a strong and independent women who can change into a wolf, one of my favourite animals.

Death with Gasp

Death with Gaspode

Next is one of the many figures of Death that Mum owns. This one is of Death with Gaspode. Like most of the other figures it shows Death’s calm and friendly side he’s just a wonderful character who I thoroughly enjoying reading about. Some of the other figures include Death in the kitchen and Death riding Binky. Unfortunately the one with Binky is tucked away somewhere safe as he isn’t the smallest.

And finally I have Quoth the Raven with his ‘eyeballs’. This piece makes me smile because I can very clearly remember the scene which the figure is based on. Quoth is convinced that a jar of olives is in fact a jar of eyeballs and will have no one telling him otherwise!

Quoth the Raven with his jar of 'eyeballs'

Quoth the Raven with his jar of ‘eyeballs’

I really enjoy coming home and sitting in front of this cabinet. I forget some of the wonderful things that accompany the books – and I’m pretty sure my Mum has them all! This includes the map of Ankh Morpork, ‘Where’s my Cow’ (a book for the young Sam Vines) as well Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook. I think it’s these extra things that help create and complete Discworld and also make it a real place. I’m sure many readers would agree that the Discworld is a real place in our minds which has the character of any real place, just like Hogwarts for many Harry Potter fans. 

I hoped you liked my little detour from the ‘Wit and Wisdom of Discworld’. It shall return next week we some more awesome quotes and extracts from Sir Terry Pratchett’s work.

P.s Some of you may have spotted a camel in the background – that’s You Bastard from ‘Pyramids’. There’s also a glimpse of Errol in case you’re interested!


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