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Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

The finish line at the cycle race

The finish line at the cycle race

Today I spent the day in London supporting my friend from back home on the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100. This is a cycle race with a course that goes through London and Surrey, finishing on Pall Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately due to bad weather the course had been cut down to miss out the two major hills as a safety measure. Regardless of this it was a great day supporting a friend (and other riders!) complete the race is horrible conditions.

The riders set off early in the morning but I didn’t get into London until midday where I met my other friends. We then headed up to Green Park walking though some beautiful parts of London. We were also lucky to see the Pro riders come past – something we were not expecting! Quite a few motorbikes came past us and we wondered why that was – I happened to look back and suddenly see this pack of cyclists come through! They were followed by their team cars, carrying mechanics and spare parts/types/bikes.

The Pro Riders and their team cars.

The Pro Riders and their team cars.

After a quick stop at Green Park we headed down to Pall Mall where the finish line was. This meant we had to pass Buckingham Palace I must say it was very nice seeing the Palace without lots of tourists crowding around – instead there were a lot of bikes! We found a spot at the 150 meter sign to wait for our friend to come past – and we made sure that she saw us when she did! She had to deal with a puncture, walking a section of the course because of a bottle neck and horrible weather – so congratulations Zara you did great 🙂

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

After Zara’s race we stayed to watch the Pro Riders cross the finish line. We were lucky enough to find a good spot about 30 metres from the finish so we had a great view. When they came down Pall Mall you could feel the excitement crossing and then they whizzed passed so quickly it was difficult to see! However, I’m glad I can say I watched it and it was made even better by two British riders coming first and second.

Shortly after the finish I had to leave to get home as I’m leaving to go on holiday at a ridiculous time in the morning, and took another lovely route through London passing Big Ben. I had a really good day and enjoyed seeing my friends from back home, even if I got very wet after a short burst of heavy rain! It was all worth it to see Zara cross the line after an incredible run – well done Zara you were awesome!

Big Ben

Big Ben


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