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The Harris Line/Growth Arrest Lines

HL 3On my about me and CV pages I’ve mentioned my Master’s work, which was based in the field of archaeology and anthropology. The main focus of my research was to observe and investigate a feature of human bone using micro-CT; this feature was the Harris Line (HL), or growth arrest lines. I’ve been doing this blog for nearly a month now and I haven’t written a post focusing on these lines so I thought it was about time.

I’ve therefore going to create two pages one for the background literature and another for my work. This link will take you to the literature which discusses the possible causes HLs are, the history of their discovery, how HLs form and what relevance they are to archaeology. At a later date (hopefully next week) I’ll write about my Master’s work.

I hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “The Harris Line/Growth Arrest Lines

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  2. nice work you did
    but the truth is that if you ignore the beginning of the creation or the bones you will never catch the explanation you want

    i am interested in this lines and it kooks like the flash to me -always present as a charges but in some times it appears –

    how can i discus this in details with you
    Mahmoud m cabal radiologist


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