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There’s No Such Thing As A Fish

no such thing as a fish

Recently I was introduced to a podcast called ‘No Such Thing As A Fish‘. It’s a show hosted by the QI Elves who present their most interesting facts of the week. It’s an awesome programme with so many amazing and wonderful bits of information.

If you’ve never heard of the show QI before you’ll have no idea what the QI Elves are. QI is a UK TV show hosted by Stephen Fry (a popular and beloved English comedian, actor, writer and presenter) who presents questions that may have funny and/or quite interesting (QI) answers. It’s a brilliant, entertaining and insightful programme that is hard to describe without actually watching it! Anyway the QI Elves are the researchers behind the show who research, produce and write for the show. 

So the podcast ‘No Such Thing As A Fish‘ is a lovely addition to the TV show and it’s really great to hear from some of the Elves themselves. They have a wonderful, never ending list of facts that cover a variety of topics. It’s definitely worth listening to and I think I learn something new from every episode. Aside from the amazing bits of information the show is great to listen to because you can clearly hear that the presenters are having a great time. It’s more than them presenting some facts – it actually feels that you’re listening in to their conversations. They will go off on tangents and make jokes creating an environment that feels more like a evening in the pub with friends than in a office recording a radio podcast.

If this post doesn’t convince you then visit some of the pages from the episodes which provide sources and additional bits of information from the shows content:

– No Such Thing As A Pilot Fish

– No Such Thing As A Kiss

– No Such Thing As The Loch Ness Monster

– No Such Thing As A Doorknob In Vancouver


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