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31/10/2013: Volunteering at Reading Museum

It’s Halloween! Therefore it’s half term for the kids which means there are a lot of events going on at various museums. I found out that Reading Museum had some on and decided to volunteer for a few of


So during the day I helped make Halloween hats with children. Now I’m not around children that often so I was a little apprehensive but it was really good fun and all the kids (and parents!) got involved. Some of the hats they made were really creative and looked really good! I did get covered in glitter glow but it was worth it!

After the craft session I helped with an event called ‘late night at the museum’. This meant that groups of people could have a tour of the museum in the dark! All the lights were turned off and we went round the museum using torches. I don’t know about the visitors but I enjoyed it! I helped stay at the back making sure no one got lost or left behind in the museum. It was really good fun and I’ll definitely volunteer to do it again!


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