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07/11/2013 Guildford Museum

So today I was volunteering at Guildford Museum. I think I’ve said before that it’s my local museum that focuses on local history. It’s a very sweet and nice museum and I’m learning about procedures and issues that can occur in small museums. All useful stuff for my future career. Today I was inputting information from entry cards into the online database. The idea is to digitalise the entire collection and all of the objects so they can be more easily located, studied and searched. I managed to do 27 cards today and got to read about a variety of objects ranging from christmas cards, to photos, to a mobile phone! It’s amazing what there is in storage and interesting where the objects came from. I also learnt a new thing today – that Cow & Gate originally was a small grocery shop on Guildford high street! Now I know local history isn’t my favourite subject but it’s always cool to learn something about where you live!


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