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09/01/2014 Guildford Museum – Guildford’s Flood Exhibition

So happy New Year! I was back at Guildford Museum today and had a really productive day. The museum wants to set up a small exhibition about the floods in Guildford because over the Christmas period the river Wey burst its banks and flooded parts of Guildford. As this has happened in the past it was an obvious reason to set up a display. The museum has many photos of Guildford through time and the exhibitions manager had selected some of these to use in the exhibition. It was then my job to create a list of photos used and set up a booklet displaying the floods through time.

The first flood that we focused on was the 1900 flood which destroyed the town bridge (see above image). This was then rebuilt with an iron bridge. The second big flood was in 1928. There was a lovely picture at the museum of a horse and carriage making its way through the flood waters carrying a few men. The final flood which we focused on was in 1968. There were some beautiful photos including people using canoes on the high street and others on individuals splashing around in the water. I wasn’t actually in Guildford for the flood this year as I had already gone to my mum’s for Christmas, but the pictures I saw were very impressive! Hopefully, we won’t have another flood for a while as it has caused some major problems for some people in the surrounding area.

Today gave me an opportunity to help sort out some images and catalogue them properly so we knew which ones were going to be used for the display. I also had to date check the images and group them together so they were consistent and finally I produced a booklet using the images that will be used in the exhibition. I really felt that I was contributing to the museum today, maybe I’ll go and see it all once it’s all up and take a few pictures as a souvenir of my first piece for a display!



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