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December 2013 A Summary

Jess Skull cardSo I’ve been pretty rubbish with keeping this up to date recently. I blame Christmas and quite a few Christmas dinners/lunches! I haven’t been up to a huge amount (apart from eating way too much at Christmas!) just the usual work stuff and volunteering at Guildford Museum.

Entrance to the Museum of London

Entrance to the Museum of London

This week though I went to the Museum of London – and I would definitely recommend going if you get the chance! It has a complete history of London starting with prehistory, which includes skulls of humans and ancient animals, onto Roman London right through to Victorian and modern London. The Victorian part was really interesting as they have set it out like you are walking through a Victorian town, past shops and things. We only took a couple of hours to go round but we had to go somewhere else and you definitely spend more time there. Like I said – if you’re can go and visit the museum!

So as well as the museum we went to see Shakespeare’s Richard II at the Barbican. It was awesome! It

My ticket to Richard II

My ticket to Richard II

was also a bonus that David Tennant played the part of Richard II and he was great! OK I’m a little biased because I love him – but he, as well as the rest of the cast, was amazing! If you’ve never seen any Shakespeare definitely go and see a play. I know a lot of people study him at school, which can be boring and tedious, but honestly the best way to see and understand his work is to see it. I would recommend going to the Globe theatre in London – you can get standing seats for a really good price. I’ve stood once and it was really cool as you can see the play from the perspective of the poorer man during Shakespeare’s time.

Hopefully I’ll get myself more organised in the New Year and get back on track with keeping my blog updated! Hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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