Data Collection Continues – Into the Hampshire Cultural Trust Stores

hct3I’m a little bit late posting this week as I’ve been really busy collecting data. I’ve had a couple of very productive days data collecting, which should continue next week.


Since Wednesday of this week I’ve been in the stores of Hampshire Cultural Trust. Here they hold a lot of the finds from archaeology excavations undertake in the county of Hampshire, including a lot of human remains. I contacted the Trust a month or two ago who sent me a list of their human remains holding. I was so pleased as they have a lot, particularly of Iron Age remains. So this week I started working at the stores, based near Winchester and will be returning for at least one more day next week to finish going through their material.


So far I’ve managed to go through the material of some of the small Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, but their are a few more to finish next week. The biggest collection I used was material from the Iron Age Danebury hill fort. I haven’t carried out much research just yet about the site itself but the human remains were in pretty good shape and will be a great addition to any my work. It’s certainly boosted my numbers of Iron Age material, I just need to find some more Bronze Age skeletons now!


Hopefully next week I’ll finish at the Hampshire Cultural Trust and there’s a chance that I’ll be heading back to the Corinium Museum stores in Cirencester. I’m also heading into London this week for a talk based at the Old Operating Theatre for a talk about Body Snatchers! I can’t wait!

Weeks 43 & 44 Volunteering at The Royal College of Surgeons

Outside of the Royal College of Surgeons. Image taken from

Outside of the Royal College of Surgeons. Image taken from

Apparently my last post about volunteering at the College didn’t publish so I’m combining weeks 43 and 44 into one post. For both weeks I carried out the same task as I am still working on the Stack Collection, which contains small vial of deciduous teeth. I definitely getting better at identifying the teeth types and moving the teeth into suitable positions to be photographed.This meant I was able to get through a few more specimens than previous weeks, which I hope to build on further over the next few weeks.

This project has really boosted my confidence in my identification skills of decudious teeth. At University I didn’t get  many opportunities to develope this skills, plus when I did have to identify teeth they usually came with the jaw so it was much easier. I am now hoping to get my own baby teeth from my mum to identify them myself. However, I’m going to have two identical sets of teeth to sort as I have a twin sister! I’m going to see if it’s possible to distinguish between them based on colour and shape – if I can find the teeth and sort them I’ll make sure I create a post documenting them!