It’s Christmas! My last post for 2016


Sorry I’ve been a bit rubbish about posting recently, I’ve had quite a bit to do. But now it’s time to stop and relax for a little while as it’s Christmas!
Tomorrow I’m going to Southampton for one last day to volunteer at a conference that is currently being hosted by the archaeology department at Southampton university. This is for the TAG conference (Theoretical Archaeology Group) and its the first time I’ve been. There’s quite a bit on including a Christmas market selling books, jewellery, cards and lots of other nice things. There’s also a lot of talks, with multiple sessions running all at once. One of the sessions is for the conference I’m helping to organize, Skeletons, Stories & Social Bodies¬† and I’m really looking forward to hearing the presentations.
Speaking of SSSB it’s going well. The abstract deadline has now closed and we’ve had plenty of submissions, which means a great amount of talks to select from! We’ve also chosen the workshops, which are varied and sound very interesting. The key note speakers have also been confirmed and announced – and I’m very excited about that! We’ve got Heather Bonney from the Natural History Museum, London and Caroline Wilkinson from Face Lab, based at Liverpool John Moores University. It’s all coming together now and I can’t wait. The only deadline that is left is for art submissions for the exhibition, so if you have any art (or could recommend anyone!) that would fit within the conference give me a shout. I also would like to say thank you to David¬†Mennear for advertising the conference on his blog These Bones of Mine. It’s a great blog covering a range of topics in bioarchaeology, and I strongly recommend visiting!
So why haven’t I been around for a while? Well I’ve been collecting data, so traveling to Winchester for that, volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons, playing hockey and finishing a draft for my upgrade, which will take place next year. Oh yeah and I also had to prepare a presentation for the TAG conference – my first proper conference! So I’ve been fairly busy but I feel like it’s all going well. But I’m not going to lie I’m very happy it’s Christmas and I can take a break!
I’m off to my mum’s in a few days, then up to the in-laws for Christmas Day. I’m very much looking forward to lots of nice food and drink, some well deserved rest and most importantly lots of family time. So Merry Christmas all, enjoy the holidays and see you in the New Year!

Week 34 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons

I was meant to post this a week ago but times got away with me given its Christmas and all! Any way here is my post about last week’s volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Today was my last day volunteering before I break for Christmas. I must admit finishing on a Thursday is really nice – not only does it make it a short week but I get to finish on my bone work. This makes me happy.

I had a few interesting specimens this week including a few with the condition I discussed last week, iniencephaly. These specimens are amazing to look at – particularly if you’re an anthropologist like me!

In addition to the skulls I had some legs to look at too. These were mounted in perspex boxes and were incredibly small. Half of these specimens appeared to be casts of the other legs which had been modeled to show the epiphyses and patellas. This was concluded after I realised that the pairs of bones had identical labels with the same information, including the original creators specimen numbers.

I’m him to enjoy my break now over Christmas and I’m very fortunate to have so much time off (the university where I work closes over Christmas!). In the mean time I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Christmas at the Royal College of Surgeons

How to make my day!

Jess Skull cardJess Wax SealSend me a card with a skull wearing a Santa’s hat with an envlope sealed with actual wax! Thanks to my friend overseas For sending me this! You know me well – unsurprisingly she shares similar interests to me! Check her out at her tumblr account Dead-Men-Talking.